Building community through excellence in music education

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NAMTA prides itself on their quality teachers and provides you with an easy way to find the best teacher who will provide the most opportunities for
your child.

Northwest Arkansas Music Teachers Association (NAMTA)

As a local affiliate of MTNA, we share the purpose of empowering music teachers in northwest Arkansas
to become better educators through networking, leadership, mentoring and educational opportunities.
We are a group who strives for/the highest obtainable quality in the teaching of music. Members commit
to continual improvement in teaching as well as support one another.   

student opportunities

NAMTA provides performance opportunities for our students: festivals, celebrations, recitals and more.

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Professional growth and development, performance opportunities and a supportive community are just a few of the reasons why music teachers should join NAMTA.


about us

NAMTA began in 1991 as a small group of area teachers met together to form an organization to encourage each other as teachers and to serve the people of northwest Arkansas in the area of music.

The fact that children make beautiful music is less
than the fact that music can make beautiful children. 

Cheryl Lavendar